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Foam Windshield

Optimal protection from light wind.
Own, functional design. Noble Look, jet black, velvet-like surface.

Black velourised foam-material.
Better wind protection opposite simple foam material.

Foam Windshield BIG 
 Foam Windshield BIG                                            

Foam Windshield 2  Foam Windshield 3
 Foam Windshield 2                                                Foam Windshield 3

Windshield BIG:
10% larger diameter. Higher level of protection.
for microphones with 19mm / 21-22,5mm / 25mm diameter
inner lenght: 180mm

Windshield 01002 for example for these microphones:
Sony: some camera-microphones (IMX, DIGIBETA, DVCAM)
Panasonic: AJ-D 610 / 800 / 910
Phillips - Thomson: LDK 120
Sony: DVW 707, DVW 709, DVW 790.
Sony: DXC-D35
Sony: DSR-PD150 / 170, DSR 250 / 300 / 500
Sony: MSW 900

Panasonic: AJ-MC700P, AJ-MC900
Sony: ECM-NV1, ECM-XM1

Windshield 01003 for example for these microphones:
Beyerdynamic: MCE 72, MCE 93, MCE 94, M 201 TG
Neumann: KM 183/184/185
Sennheiser: ME 20, ME 40, ME 62, ME 64, MKH 20, MKH 30, MKH 40 ( similar windshield MZW 64 pro )

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For use with strong wind:

Exactly suitable standard windshield from artificial fiber. The windshield is drawn up over our foam material windshield and fastened by means of cord and stopper. Own production.

Fibrelength: 2cm, grey or black   Fibrelength: 8cm, grey or black

- in fibrelength: 2 cm    Colour: grey or black
- in fibrelength: 8 cm    Colour: grey or black

You receive a set from our foam material windshield (see above) and the fitting standard windshield.
The optimal solution for the recording with small wind and with strong wind.

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Best wind protection with 8cm fibrelength.
In the case of use at a video camera however fibers could turn out innfront of the objective. In this case we recommend the employment of the variant with a fibrelength of 2cm.

Purchase sum 200 Euro or more? Discounts on request.
Warranty: 2 years.

Dealer requests welcome.

Nicolai Equipment - Mikrofonwindschutz

Microphone windshield for camera microphone. Sony BVW. Sony DVW. Sony DSR. Ikegami. BTS. Panasonic. Thomson LDK. Phillips.